Genetically Modified Cannabis?

Genetically Modified Cannabis?

December 15, 2020 0 By Rasta Guru

Since the turn of the millennium, there have been increasing rumors that marijuana has now been genetically modified to have significantly higher levels of THC, and therefore is no longer comparable to the harmless substance our parents smoked during the hippie days. This gives conservatives a powerful argument and confuses gray-haired smokers. Legalization is slowing down, and the media are again talking about a dark topic. But what is it about this mass hysteria?

Breeding or Genetic Engineering?

Selection (and therefore genetic control) is common to all crops, including hemp. Genetic engineering, which is technical genetic modification by manipulating gene sequences, definitely does not exist in cannabis. It would be too expensive and not necessary to get the desired results. The so-called “cloning” of cannabis plants is nothing more than obtaining cuttings of the mother plant, the “offshoots” have the same genetic material. Therefore, there can be no talk of genetic “technology” or even of “genetically modified grass” in a narrower sense.


More than 25 years ago, it was possible to develop stronger varieties through “indoor growing” and optimization of breeding conditions. At that time, there was a significant increase in THC levels in Skunk, Superskunk, etc. Today, this is not as clear as the media and others claim.

For example, the BKA and the European Monitoring Center for Medicines suggest that although high THC finds have been found in recent years, there has been no overall increase. Perhaps these areas are also slightly behind. Producers are moving forward and making strong hashish is a little easier today. Most of the material smoked in Europe still comes from Morocco in the form of a standard plate.

By the way, the high THC content itself is not a problem. Many take this as a quality mark, but it definitely contributes to a wide variety of varieties. Usually high THC content is really good for your health, you need to inhale less smoke to achieve the desired effect. Cannabis preparations used in medicine today even contain almost 100% THC. This only becomes problematic because of the illegality: there is no active ingredient declaration on the black market! By comparison, it’s like accidentally buying and drinking schnapps instead of beer. This, of course, can lead to unpleasant overdoses. Such a high level of THC also speaks for legalization: hemp stores for high-quality hashish with instructions for use and detailed composition of the product!